Personal Experiences with Tia Luxx
Tia is as she describes herself on her website,a real Goddess of love
Easy to set up I went to see her at a neat incall. Parking is super easy. When we got to the room the fun began! Tia has lovely long blonde hair and a great figure. As soon as we got in the room we started DFK, soft at first, very sweet. I took a shower then she was mostly naked. I had her take all off and admired her, she posed for me very sexily, she has gorgeous breasts and a really nice body figure. After more kissing and stroking I went DATY, she started moving nearly immediately and soon had a big O. Very satisfying for both of us. She turned to me and did a fine bbbj. Then 69. we put on a cover and started in cowgirl, she has a lovely fully pink pussy and the site of me going in and out as she moved up and down on me was great. We tried spoon, mish and then finally finished with a bj/hj. During the session we started talking fantasy, and she was into that as well. I will repeat..

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Tia Luxx yesterday afternoon.
Petite blonde beauty is honestly the most apt description for tia, she is short sexy and incredibly friendly.
She is on the shorter side height wise and has almost a “snow bunny” build. She was my ideal type of woman
look wise so I had a great time during the session. Her breasts are some of my favorite out there, incredibly
perky “rain drop” shaped boobies. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them during our time together. One thing I really
liked was how accommodating Tia was, she made me very comfortable and was super bubbly during our time
together. Never once did her attention sway away from myself and the session at hand. Service wise Tia
is top notch, incredibly good at what she does. DFK galore, Tia took control of my mouth on a few
occasions. BBBJ included which was amazing and the usual positions entailed. Overall I reccomended Tia
to anybody seeking a good time with a sexy tight blonde doll. I honestly can’t believe an escort this
good lives in Surrey. I will of course repeat as I have take a shine to Tia. If you have a foot fetish
like me you will most certainly enjoy Tia and her sexy feet, as I most certainly did.

I Met Tia Luxx today
I arrived at her very nice condo, .I knew how perfect her body was
from pictures but when she opened the door she was also so beautiful,a very nice warm smile that on this
day was a very welcome site, I will say she was everything I wanted and more….I mentioned above I liked
small boobs and even though Tia is enhanced they were much better for my desires than I expected, Tia has
a perfect set and they are not the huge enhanced ones I have seen before but were perfect match to her body
type , Im sure people know events that happen behind closed doors so I am not going there but for me from
the time the front door was opened to this beauty until the little peck of a kiss as I left this was a perfect
plus visit for me, thank you are a doll and very intuitive.


I have seen this young lady very recently and would like to add my experience.
There have been several reviews about her and I felt I would share mine.
Tia is located in a newer building close to Surrey Centre. I was impressed with how clean, tidy and
organized her space is, this is not her home but her in call space. I was met at the door by a short
petite lady with a remarkable body, being a leg and ass man I was totally impressed. Shower is suggested
and she even had a small cup of mouthwash already set aside for me, clean towel, helped me undress
and hung my clothes up for me. This lady is very passionate, the mouth wash was a good idea because
she loves to kiss. I think there has been enough said about her services in previous posts yet I would
like to add that she is very much like a girl friend/lover. I was also impressed with how clean she is
and how she responds to everything. As my name suggests I enjoy massaging a lady and she seemed to enjoy
the massage very much. Very much GFE.She was in no rush to kick me out and we cuddled and talked after
for a bit. I have seen numerous ladies over the years and I would have to say IN MY EXPERIENCE she was
one of the best I have ever enjoyed spending time with.

She posts as 31 and if i was to guess right on the money.
I would think if someone was to give an untrue age it would not be 31
more like 21. We all know her photos are real and she takes care of her body just have a look. Most
women in there 20’s would kill or sell there soul to be as tight with her curves. As celeb resemblance
are you asking about her face or whole package? I would guess for the whole package Kaley Cuoco.
~James Munchausen

I too have a Tia Luxx addiction.
I was just about to write a very similar review for her (because every
time I meet her I end up daydreaming about it for weeks after) but you beat me to it, I will sleep
on mine for a bit.Tia is simply wonderful in every way. I just love spending time with her in and
out of the bed. She is making me consider making a move to Surrey.
~Paradise Chaser

Finally had a chance to hook up with Tia today by booking online last week.
Everything went very smooth and bypass the screening process thanks to a very
valuable perb member here Now I know why she is so popular among some members here. Tia is indeed a nice
lady who is willing to put a 100% effort to make sure you are fully satisfied and have a fun time. Very
talkative and engaged through out the session and her eye contact often made me very shy She is definately
not a clock watcher,took my watch away so i can not watch my time. With 15 minutes left, I headed for shower
and she insisted we still have time and gave me a good massage afterward, really nice gesture indeed.
All in short, I have a great happy time and she has exceeded my expectations in the A&S departments

What more can be added to all the positive reviews of this Amazing woman?
Maybe that she’s such a sweetheart that you are already thinking of when you can schedule the next visit with her, even after several repeats, Or how much better each successive session is, and how she could possibly go above and beyond. Perhaps the genuine care, enthusiasm, connection and mutual enjoyment that is shown.
Whatever it is, i know all that have been lucky enough to see Tia can agree she is absolutely Beautiful, inside and out.
~ PB7979

Tia Luxx is an Incredibly Sensuous Lover
Now if I could be so bold and direct our virgin friend into a direction that might be more fruitful, Tia Luxx is an incredibly sensuous lover who would take him under her wing and show him how to navigate a woman, her body and most importantly her mind. She’s generous, intuitive a fantastic kisser, responsive kitty and I’m certain she would guide him properly. She is enhanced, but they’re very soft, natural and fit her frame perfectly. She might be tough to book, due to demand and the fact she keeps her volume low, but patience and persistence are also something to be cultivated.
~ Golferjohn

Tia Luxx is a Gem of a Person
Two three days ago, I had another amazing session with this gem of a person! This is probably the sixth time I have seen her and it was even more sexy than the last time. But that’s how it is with her.
Great Gal!
~ Cappa

Recommended for First Time Pooners
Hello PERB world, I’m more of a lurker than poster but thought that I should post my experience with my Surrey go to girl Tia Luxx. She’s easy to setup and appointment with through text and she advertises on LL. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome through text and is even friendlier in person. For a first time pooner, I would definitely recommend Tia Luxx,her incall is a nice clean condo off of King George which has a few visitor parking spots. I had requested that she wear something casual like some yoga pants and a tight top and boy she didn’t disappoint. She’s got a tight little body and that ass looked so nice in them yoga pants.A warm hug and kiss upon arrival and I am led to the bedroom. A little small talk to get to know each other again and I jump in the shower to wash off. Bathroom is clean with clean dry towels and all that you would need to get yourself ready for the treat on the other side if the door.
~ Busta

Left Speechless
What can I say that already hasn’t been written, I wish she lived closer…would recommend and have repeated.
~ Wintersurfer

She has an Aura that made me feel like a Rockstar
What can I say that has not already been said about Tia Luxx. I just felt like I wanted to add my two bits about her.
Being someone who does not partake in this hobby very often, I felt it very important to do my homework and choose a provider that was pretty much a guarantee of a good time. Now I know that there are lots of factors that affect how a session will go, but I felt confident based on all of your input that she would give me what I was looking for. And holy shit, did she ever do that! She has an amazing attitude and an extreme willingness to see to it that you really do enjoy yourself. She has an absolutely amazing body and an aura that made me feel like a rockstar.The only downside is that going forward, my wallet is going to suffer! Thank you Tia for an a memorable day and you will see me again soon.

She came to my Rescue
After a really disappointing and disheartening falling out of a previously scheduled and highly anticipated appointment with another SP, I quickly jumped here and scanned for highly reliable and highly touted SPs. I texted Tia, and it was about one of the most easiest and responsive exchanges I’ve ever had to setup and book.She came to my rescue and salvaged what would have been a sour way to end my weekend. Her reviews are true and she is a DREAM.She is so wonderful and was the cherry on top of one of the most pleasant weekends I have had. Not sure what the hoopla was about her face in the reviews, IMHO she looks like a young cameron diaz in her prime. She has big beautiful pearly eyes, which can completely hypnotize you. She is so down to earth and wants to please. You can definitely tell she wants you to leave happy.What a babe! What a kisser! It was workout with her and she drained me dry. My legs are still weak and im dizzy from the experience. I am getting horny just thinking about her from writing this! She is beautiful outside and on the inside, which I can see how that makes her so popular and definitely one of the best ladies I have ever met.
Very geniune, but also theres a fierce naughty side to her and shes not afraid. It was a most exhilarating experience. I must see again!

It was like in a Movie…
She has had several positive reviews, so I am just adding one more.I arrived at her in-call promptly, but due to the buzzer not working properly, she had to come down and get me.That was the beginning of my workout session as we climbed the stairs to her place.Inside her place we kissed a little, before she send me to shower, while she got something more sexy on. When I came out, we just kissed for a bit, while I embraced her, and my towel fell off. It was like in a movie, she Laugh a little, and grabbed my manhood. I love when a girl is not shy to do that. She got on her knees and the show began. She undressed and I was mesmerized by those beautiful enhanced melons, and a beautiful hairless clam.
~ Avioneto123

One of my ATF’s
Not that she needs another review, but since I have had several very pleasurable and memorable sessions with her, I thought I would share this beauty.Tia is one of my ATF’s, not only is she stunning but she has a wonderful personality. She is IMO perfect
~ sirtoftsalot

Her willingness to Treat you Right
TIA is a babe, but my favorite pert of her is her personality and willingness to treat you right…She needs better pictures on her ads in my opinion they don’t reflect just how sexy she is…
~ nmjoff

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